A warm welcome to Liebe’s Bed + Breakfast — we truly look forward to your visit!

About Us

Bei Liebes - Hotel-Garni

Family hospitality and international cordiality – these were our key values right from the start and are kept up for three generations since then.

In 1993, the passionate gastronomer-couple Annette and Michael Liebe took charge of the family-owned business and since then manage the business with dedication and professionalism.

As of 2001, private as well as corporate clients we able to book Liebe’s Catering services for crowds up to 1.400 guests.

The little adjunct “… with loving attention to detail” adds a personal touch to Liebe’s own business philosophy; and longstanding as well as new staff members fully subscribe to this mission statement.

Michael’s father and Senior Manager Olaf Liebe still plays an important supporting role both professionally and personally. Unfortunately, his wife Hedi passed away much too early and her untiring dedication and valuable experience is severely missed by her family.

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